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Winner of Product Innovation of the Year, 2016 – The Aesthetics Awards

Profhilo® is an effective and natural looking non-surgical facelift treatment, it is a new discovery in facial ageing addressing skin laxity, not just filling lines and wrinkles. Made of 100% HA (Hyaluronic Acid), it nourishes dermal cells and restores firmness of the skin. This treatment will hydrate your skin from the inside out, getting rid of any 'crepey' skin.

A skin laxity treatment, Profhilo® uses patented technologies engineered for 'skin remodelling', a revolutionary concept of 'curling' wrinkles rather than 'filling' them. It effectively stimulates the production of both your natural collagen and elastin to renew your skin from within.

Thanks to the unique characteristics of Profhilo®, skin condition can be visibly improved after just 2 sessions, with a 1-month interval, and only 5 injection points on each side of the face. Profhilo® can be used on a number of areas including the full face (including eye area), neck, décolletage, upper arms and hands and is suitable for practically anyone, men and women, from 30 years’ old and with no upper age limit.

Profhilo™ treatment can help to:

  • Increase skin firmness and elasticity
  • Tighten and lift skin
  • Improve skin tone and texture
  • Rehydrated skin
  • Restore radiance

This treatment requires 2 sessions:

£250 per session

What is Nucleofill Soft?

The new bio-restructuring gel of the Nucleofill range based on low – molecular weight, highly purified, naturally derived polynucleotides, specifically created to improve the trophism of the periocular area.

The periocular area is an extremely delicate area. Continuously subjected to environmental pollution and constantly subjected to movement when using facial expressions, the periocular area tends to age quicker compared to the rest of the face.

Nucleofill Eyes with highly purified Polynucleotide matrix able to activate processes of bio-regeneration in the skin both at a deep level (adipose and bone tissue) and in the dermis (fibroblast stimulation).

Nucleofill Eyes determines three types of effects in The Cutaneous Membrane (epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue):

  • Effect in the dermo-epidermal layer
  • The effect at the vascular level
  • The effect at the level of deep tissues

Nucleofill Eyes – the unique characteristics of an innovative product:

  • Nucleofill Eyes is a gel composed of fragments of low molecular weight polynucleotide chains.
  • The high-density but low molecular weight structure allows a fast penetration into tissues and effective stimulation.

Scalp MicroPigmentation (also known as SMP) is a cosmetic tattoo which gives the illusion of growing hair follicles for male/female pattern baldness & can also:

  • create a brand new hairline (sharp or natural)
  • disguise alopecia
  • cover scars 
  • create density for thinning hair, making hair look thicker & fuller

Prices start from £200

Microsclerotherapy is a technique used for the removal of surface and spider veins. It involves injections with a very fine needle of a sclerosing drug which irritates the lining of the veins causing the walls to stick together. ... The blood is directed back to the deeper veins.

The treatment is affordable, long lasting & realistic. The procedure & healing time is quick but most importantly the results are GUARANTEED!

£250 per session

What is Bio nutri lift?

BIO NUTRI LIFT is innovative combination of moisturizing and nourishing Hydra Booster with Lift Booster procedures. Thanks to synergy using of both, BIO NUTRI LIFT ensures multilevel moisturizing of all skin and epidermis layers.

What happens in the treatment?

During the treatment, the patient is injected with a filler, a cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel to smooth superficial wrinkles and gives an immediate lifting effect. Nctf 135HA, a highly complementary solution is also used to revitalize the collagen and the fibres of the skin. It contains 53 ingredients which help to reboot connective cells activity, and ultimately slows down ageing . These two products give best results when used together during the same session for optimal results- It is called “BIO NUTRI LIFT” protocol.

What is BIO NUTRI LIFT for?

The treatment rebuilds the skins structure, improves skins density, smooths superficial wrinkles, firms the skin and brightens.

WWhat is the treatment for?

It is recommended to persons with thin, slack and dehydrated skin, which need nutrition and lift, to persons with grey skin, which needs recovery and brightening, thanks to lift features it helps to restore youthful face contour, it is also perfect preventive procedure for people who want to delay ageing process.

Prices From £450

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) involves extracting healing growth components from a patient’s blood in order to reuse this in targeted areas of their body, to stimulate local stem cells’ natural ability to repair damaged tissue. We collect a small amount of a patient’s blood, then spin it in a centrifuge to separate the blood platelets from other cells. The collected and separated platelets are then injected locally into the chosen area to stimulate the healing process. It is the platelets in blood which always act when they detect an injury in the body, clotting to stop bleeding and helping to regenerate new tissue in the wounded area. We use PRP therapy to help rejuvenate our patients and slow down the aging process in their face, whether this is down to chronological aging, or environmental or sun damage. This epithelial rejuvenation is done through injection of the patient's enriched autologous plasma. The impact of this is to regenerate by way of the biological stimulation of existing stem cells, by growth factors.
We use Cellenis system for PRP which ensures our treatment is premium, sterile and safe.

PRP (with skin pen and targeted injections for face and neck) £350 per session

Brands such as BOTOX® and Azzulure


UPPER FACE: Frown, forehead, crows feet, bunny lines, brow lift.

One area will cost £150

Two areas will cost £215

Three areas £250

Additional areas £50



Peri-oral (smokers lines) - £140

Gummy smile treatment - £140

Sad smile treatment - £140

Chinulite (dimpled chin) - £140

Jaw slimming - £250

Lip flick treatment - £100

Neck lift - reduction of vertical neck bands - £300

N.B lower face wrinkle relaxing treatments cannot be classed as additional areas when having upper face treatment as they are advanced treatments.
For Combined upper & lower face treatments discounts are available at Practitioner discretion.

FREE Consultation required

Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers (mid/lower face)

Lip augmentation
0.5ml - £200 | 0.75ml - £225 | 1ml - £250

Cheeks / Jaw / Chin
1ml - £250 | 2ml - £450 | 3ml - £650 | 4ml - £850 | 6ml - £1050

Nasolabial Folds / Marionettes / Smokers Lines
1ml - £250 | 2ml - £450 | 3ml - £650 | 4ml - £850

Tear Trough

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty (nose)

8- point lift (combination of dermal fillers to various parts of the face)
Price on consultation as each client will have a specific treatment plan based on their needs.

FREE Consultation required

Restylane Skinboosters are a brand new approach to nourishing your skin,especially designed to deliver skin deep hydration. This means increasing hydration levels within the skin to deliver lasting moisturisation and improvements on the skin’s surface.

The treatment involves hydrating micro injections of a soft gel like substance called Hyaluronic Acid (HA) into the skin, which improves the skin’s firmnesss, elasticity and radiance.

Water loving HA is found naturally in the body and as we age, the quality of the HA diminishes over time. Having this treatment with Restylane Skinboosters maintains hydration levels from within as it continues to work over several months.

£600 for 3 sessions - 6ml in total

FREE Consultation required

What is Mini-Thread Lifting?

New LIFTING method based on the implanting of multiple mini-threads, creating a network which acts as a support for the tissue.

  • It provides an immediate lifting effect while favoring natural collagen production.
  • It stimulates skin rejuvenation bringing vitality, elasticity and a brighter skin tone.
  • It improves the appearance of minor wrinkles, nasal wrinkles and loose skin.
  • There is no recovery period needed the patient can carry on her daily routine immediately, even applying makeup.
  • Treatment is fast (15-30 minutes) safe and practically painless

Mini-Thread Specification

Made with POLIDIOXANONE (PDO) an extremely safe material used in heart surgery, it enhances cell cohesion.

Cost From £600 upto £1500.

FREE Consultation required

Ear Syringing (Ear Wax Removal)

Ear Syringing in Bolton clinic by Emma (RN, BSc), a registered nurse with experience of ear irrigation in both the community and in a clinic setting.

It is recognised that the effects of impacted ear wax within the ear canal can, in addition to hearing loss, cause earache, a sensation of fullness within the ear, infection, itchiness, a reflex cough, dizziness, vertigo or tinnitus – all of which can be unpleasant. Hearing impairment can affect our daily quality of life leading to frustration, stress, social isolation, paranoia and depression.

Ear irrigation (more commonly known as Ear Syringing) is a more modern way of removing wax from the ear. It is performed using a machine which pumps water (at body temperature) gently into the ear canal in an attempt to flush out the wax. The pressure and flow of water can be adjusted and slowly increased if necessary to remove the wax. The procedure takes anything from 10-20 minutes to perform depending on the amount and type of wax visible, whether you will need one or both ears treating and how deep it is inside the canal. The procedure should never be painful. Some people can find it a little uncomfortable while others may find it therapeutic.

Please note that it is best practice to instil olive oil drops (twice daily) at home 7-10 days prior to consultation so that the wax can be safely and more easily removed reducing the risk of any trauma to the external auditory canal during irrigation. The added benefit of doing so means that your treatment will be much more successful and prevent you from having to come back for further treatments.

Ear Syringing in Bolton clinic

Please be aware that it is not appropriate to carry out ear wax removal if you are aware of any infection or pain, a weak or recently healed ear drum (due to perforation) in the last 12 months or if you have undergone any form of ENT surgery in the last 18 months and particularly if your care has not yet been discharged from your consultant

£40.00 for one ear (includes assessment)     OAP £35.00

£70.00 for two ears (includes assessment)    OAP £65.00

£20.00 Basic Assessment and if no ear syringe needed